Our energy policy

Our policy is two-fold: to reduce our carbon emissions and those of our customers and to help reduce the Island's consumption of energy resources.

We have been instrumental in reducing the Island's overall carbon emissions by a third in 20 years from 1992 to 2012 by investing in undersea supply cables to replace on-Island oil-fired generation with cleaner, low carbon supplies of electricity from mainly nuclear and hydro sources in France. This reduction has been achieved despite a 40% increase in demand for electricity.

We also invest in research into renewable energy. And we promote and facilitate the use of electric transporation

We encourage and offer a free advice service to our customers on how to use energy more efficiently to protect the environment and conserve resources and also to get the best use from their electricity supply.

We helped launch the States Energy Efficiency Service with a £0.5million seed fund. The Scheme awards grants for home energy efficiency measures, such as insulation, and has resulted in a 16% average annual energy saving among participating households.

Our Building Services team and environmental design and energy consultancy Jersey Energy increasingly help large organisations to improve their energy efficiency.

  • Reduced emissions by importing low carbon electricity
  • Free energy advice service
  • Funding States' Energy Efficiency Service
  • Energy saving solutions for large organisations
  • Research into renewable energy
  • Electric transportation