Our history

Jersey Electricity has a special place in the Island's social structure and economic progress. Founded in 1924, more than 40 years after Britain received its first public supply, the then Jersey Electricity Company has proved a success story, moving with the times and the increasing demand for reliable, affordable energy. 
The timeline charts the Company's milestones.
History 1920s
  • April 1924 The Jersey Electricity Company is registered.
  • Nov 1924 Cable laying began in David Place, St Helier.
  • July 1925 Company began generating at Albert Pier.
  • 1929 1,000th customer connected.
  • Shop, office and stores move to 72 King Street; Mains Department to Castle Street.

  • 1931 Sports and Social Club formed.
  • May 1934 Queen's Road Power Station opened.
  • Aug 1936 States of Jersey acquire controlling interest in Company.
  • Jan 1939 Shop and offices at 11 Broad Street opened by Bailiff Mr M A Coutanche.

  • Occupation. Company under control of Essential Services Committee.
  • 1944 St. Peter's Station commissioned.
  • Jan 1945 Supply to civilian population discontinued and generating sets at Queens Road requisitioned by occupying forces.

History 1950s
  • Mar 1958 Senator Cyril Le Marquand succeeded Senator F. Le Quesne as Chairman.
  • 1963 Decision made to build La Collette Power Station.
  • Mar 1966 First 30MW turbine set at La Collette commissioned.
  • Oct  1967 Contract Department joins Mains and Transport at Queen's Road.

History 1970s
  • Nov 1973  Ceremonial opening of La Collette Power Station, Third 30 MW turbine started up by the Bailiff, Sir Robert Le Masurier.

History 1980s

  • Feb 1980 Senator Cyril Le Marquand died after 22 years continuous service as Chairman of the Board.
  • May 1985 First undersea supply cable link with France commissioned.
  • Oct 1985 Economy 7 tariff launched as a direct consequence of the new link with France.
  • Oct 1987 Great Storm - Supplies lost to outlining areas only because 85%+ network underground. Restoration to this minority virtually restored in five days, remaining two properties structurally damaged so connection took until day nine.
  • Oct 1989 Quick-start gas turbines commissioned at Queen's Road.

  • Oct 1994 New 45MW extension to La Collette Power Station opened by Lord Wakeham.
  • 1995 Decision taken to lay second undersea cable to France in co-operation with Guernsey Electricity.
  • May 1996  Comfort Heat tariff launched.
History 2000s
  • 2000 Internet data centre joint venture Foreshore established.
  • Nov 2000 Second undersea cable link with France and new inter-connector to Guernsey commissioned, creating the Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG) Nov 2000 Refurbishment of Queen's Road Power Station into office and retail space completed. This follows redevelopment of the whole Queen's Road site, including the construction of B&Q store.
  • 2003 Rue des Pres 90kV substation commissioned.
  • 2004 Third fast-start gas turbine at La Collette commissioned.
  • 2004 Decision taken to lay a third undersea supply cable to France.
  • Nov 2005 Beyond Computers opened St Helier town outlet.
  • 2006 Economy 20 Tariff launched.
  • May 2006 Online retail business day2dayshop.com launched.
  • Sept 2006 Imagination toy, hobby and craft retail venture launched.
  • Oct 2008 Western Primary 90kV substation commissioned.
  • 2008 Mutual co-operation agreement reached with proposed States' Energy from Waste plant.
  • 2008 Renewables Buy Back Tariff launched.
  • Oct 2008 Mr M J Liston steps down as Chief Executive after 15 years in office to be succeeded by Mr C Ambler.
  • 2010 25th year of importing low carbon electricity from France.
  • Nov 2010 10Th anniversary of Channel Islands Electricity Grid.
  • March 2011 Successful integration of States' Energy from Waste Plant into La Collette services.
  • 2011 Installation of 90kV transmission ring around Island completed.
  • 2011 Decision taken to roll-out smart meters across entire Island.
  • 2011 Two 5MW Mirrlees diesel engines decommissioned and dismantled at la Collette.
  • June 2011  Signed new ten-year one billion euro supply agreement with EDF.
  • July 2011 90kV South Hill Switch Station commissioned.
  • Mar 2012 Two 11MW Sulzer diesel engines installed at La Collette to replace decommissioned Mirrless.
  • Apr 2012 Ceremonial opening of South Hill Switching Station.
  • June 2012 EDF 1, the first undersea supply cable to France, fails permanently after 28 years service.
  • June 2012 Public Enquiry for Normandie 3.
  • Nov 2012 Planning permission granted fro Normandie 3.
  • Nov 2012 First electric car charging points installed in public car parks.