Where our electricity comes from

The energy we provide is a mix of predominantly imported electricity from EDF in France from low carbon nuclear and hydro sources, on-Island generation at La Collette Power Station and, since 2011, the States of Jersey-owned Energy from Waste (EfW) plant situated next to La Collette.

Until June 2012 two 90,000-Volt submarine cables supplied power from France to Jersey. The first cable, installed in 1984, came to the end of its useful life mid-2012. The second cable, commissioned in 2000, can supply up to 90MW of power from Europe.

The supply, generated by nuclear, hydro and other renewable sources, is transmitted, via La Haye du Puits and comes ashore in Jersey at Archirondel. From there, the supply is transmitted along 90,000-Volt cables via four primary substations at La Collette, Rue des Pres, Western Primary and Queen's Road.

Generation at La Collette, from a mix of diesel engines, boilers, steam and gas turbines, remains in place primarily for strategic security of supply.

The plant was called on to supplement imports in 2012 following the demise of the first undersea supply cable. However, our ten-year, £70million project to install a third 100MW cable to France, Normandie 3, was completed in October 2014. N3 more than doubles our import capacity and enables us to meet the Island's total demand for electricity from imported, low carbon sources.