Sign up for Direct Debit and electronic billing

You can receive £3 off your quarterly electricity bills when you sign up for electronic bills and pay your account by Direct Debit because we'll give the money we save back to you as a discount on your bill. That's a saving of £12 a year, every year off your electricity bills.

If you already pay by Direct Debit, you can save even more on your electricity if you move to electronic bills or statements sent directly to your home email address.

Electronic bills and statements are fast, easy to read and help you to save on paperwork and filing. To keep the service simple, we do not encrypt the document on the delivering email so you will not need to use a password to view it.

Your bill will still look the same and contain all the information it does now but by cutting paper usage and postage we can pass the savings back to you.

Electronic bills


Direct Debit payments

Fixed Direct Debit spreads the cost of your annual electricity consumption over 12 equal monthly payments that we agree with you.

Your bank transfers the payments automatically on a day of the month to suit you.

Variable Direct Debit means your bank will transfer the full amount due 18 days after you have received and checked your statement. No fuss. No missed payment dates.

Let Direct Debit take care of your electricity bills. Sign up to today and start saving!

Download the Direct Debit form to complete, print off and sign here.

For an estimate of your likely monthly payments based on your last year's consumption and current balance,  email  or call 505460. You will need your Customer Number and Premise Number found on the top right of your last bill.