Apologies for power cut during N2 planned maintenance

Jersey Electricity apologises to islanders after a power cut disrupted yesterday's Liberation Day celebrations. Chief Executive Chris Ambler said: 'The Normandie 2 undersea cable was at the time out of service for planned maintenance by grid operator RTE in France so Jersey and Guernsey were being supplied from the Normandie 3 cable. Unfortunately, a network stability problem led to a complete loss of electricity supply from Normandie 3 at 11.06am leading to an Island-wide power cut in Jersey and widespread power cuts in Guernsey.

'As is normal in such situations, we immediately invoked our restoration procedures with the first customers coming back on supply 12 minutes later at 11.18am and the remaining supplies restored 17 minutes later at 11.23am. Any loss of supply is disappointing, however, we were fortunate that restoration was achieved speedily and efficiently.

'The cable is safely back in service and is being operated with additional generation support. Operating the transmission network in abnormal conditions is complex and we are now commencing an investigation to determine in more detail, the exact cause of the trip. The RTE maintenance work is expected to finish on Monday evening when the network will be returned to normal configuration.

'Liberation Day is an important event in the Island’s calendar and I would like to apologise to all islanders for this disruption, especially those involved in the celebrations.'