Chip Week safety promo

Jersey Electricity is again teaming up with Jersey Fire and Rescue Service to mark Chip Week, which starts on Monday 17 February, with a safety campaign to encourage Islanders to throw away their traditional chip pans in favour of safer, thermostatically controlled deep fat fryers.


Toby Aubert pan fire

Crew Commander Toby Aubert shows his video of chip pan fires

Community Fire Safety Officer Toby Aubert will be on hand at the Powerhouse Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1pm to 3pm providing advice on home fire prevention and showing a video of the destruction chip pan fires can cause. The Powerhouse is offering discounts on its range of fryers all week and there’s a free prize draw to win a Tefal Actifry worth £129.99. What’s more, to celebrate Chip Week, customers who purchase a fryer will be treated to a free portion of chips in the Café Zone.

Toby Aubery and fryers

Crew Commander Aubert with some of the Powerhouse's thermostatically controlled fryers

UK Fire and Rescue authorities attended 37,600 accidental fires in the home in 2011-12, more than half of which were started by cooking appliances. Jersey Fire and Rescue attends well over 200 fires a year, many in the home, where deep frying is a particular hazard.

Crew Commander Aubert says: ‘You need to be especially careful when you are deep-fat frying or cooking with oil because hot oil can catch fire easily. If it starts to smoke, it’s too hot. Fires often start when people get distracted after putting a chip pan on to heat and forget about it. Our best advice is to get rid of your traditional chip pan and replace it with a thermostatically controlled fryer which will not over heat.

Toby Aubert and staff

Crew Commander Aubert with Powerhouse sales assistants Rory De La Haye and Dylan Riberio

'Jersey Electricity partners us every October in the successful annual Electric Blanket Safety Check and we are delighted that in the fun of Chip Week they are helping Jersey Fire and Rescue highlight another serious home fire safety issue this way.’

Powerhouse Retail Manager Richard Dolbel said: ‘We have recently undergone a major refurbishment which we hope will enhance the customer experience here. We hope this Chip Week safety promotion will be the first of many that our customers will and enjoy and benefit from.’