COVID-19: A statement from Jersey Electricity

The health and safety of the general public, our customers and our employees has always been our top priority.  Jersey Electricity’s Senior Management Team has therefore been closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation since it emerged in China and throughout its escalation in the UK and Europe.

We have had in place for some time now clear lines of responsibility for Jersey Electricity’s response to COVID-19. A dedicated team is regularly reviewing the status of our preparedness, putting in place mitigating actions where appropriate. 

Ensuring an appropriate response

As the situation has developed, we have been revising our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and issuing guidelines to all employees to ensure our response is appropriate in dealing with the issue as it escalates in Jersey.

We wish to reassure all our customers of the measures we have taken as a business to safeguard our employees and customers, and ensure continuation of our core services of keeping the Island supplied with electricity and attending to any loss of supplies.

All our services are presently operating as normal and, given what we know today, we are not expecting COVID-19 to adversely impact the provision of our services going forward. 

Safeguarding operations and remote working

We have reviewed our operations to enable employees involved in many key activities to work securely and remotely from their homes, whether this is driven by a need to self-isolate or as a result of any other disruption to their home life such as school closures.

Where the physical presence of our engineers is required to repair faults or carry out essential and urgent maintenance, as a provider of critical infrastructure and services, we will ensure this continues.

For now, routine planned works will continue as normal though this could change if the Coronavirus situation worsens. We will keep Islanders updated of our response.

Customer Care Team remains available

Our Customer Care Team will continue to be available on the usual channels, namely 01534 505460 or via email on  In cases of out-of-hours emergency, we can be contacted on our usual emergency number 01534 505050.

Over recent weeks we have implemented several measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. These have included, for example:

  • Non-essential business travel suspended from 3 March.
  • Regular communication with employees made via several channels to ensure they are up to date with and follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and the Jersey Government’s Health Department.
  • Employees returning from private visits or holidays to category 1 countries will be required to follow the controls set out on the Government of Jersey’s website to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • We have increased hygiene measures at our Powerhouse administration offices, the Powerhouse retail store and La Collette Power Station – and employees from all sites encouraged to follow the best practice in accordance with guidelines.
  • Employees with underlying medical conditions that would put them at higher risk have been identified.
  • Employees with family connections at higher risk have been identified.
  • We have maintained regular contact with key suppliers such as EDF and the French transmission operator RTE who both have robust business contingency plans in place.

We are also, of course, liaising with Government COVID-19 planning and coordination groups as well as with our partners in Government owned businesses.

Customers with Pay As You Go Meters

Customers using keys to top up their Pay As You Go Meters can continue to top up at the locations listed here.

We understand that if you are self-isolating, you may be unable to get out to top up your meter. We suggest you first ask a friend or relative to top up for you but if this is not possible, please call our Customer Care Team on 01534 505460.

If you have a new Pay As You Go Smart Meter and Smart Card to top up, you can do this at the locations here. If you are unable to get out to top up yourself, a friend or relative can do this on your behalf if they have your Smart Card or six-digit Meter Number. This is clearly marked on your Smart Card. Alternatively, call our Customer Care Team on 01534 505460 and have your Smart Card or meter number to hand.

Powerhouse retail store revised opening hours

Our Powerhouse retail store will temporarily reduce opening hours from Monday 23 March to 10am-6.30pm, Monday - Satruday. This is to enable more resources to focus on telephone orders, support the website , stores and increase our delivery capacity. For those wishing to shop in person, we politely ask anyone experiencing any flu-like symtoms not to enter the store. We have increased the cleaning regime especially at till and card points and as an extra precaution to limit the spread of the virus, we have temporarily stopped taking cash payments. There is no minimum spend on card use. 

You can order online at or you can call us on  01534 505460. We are happy to arrange a 'contactless' delivery if you need an emergency replacement appliance and you are self-isolating or social distancing.

Mitigating the impact

CEO, Chris Ambler said: ‘We have been preparing our response to COVID-19 for some time and we are not expecting any adverse impact on core electricity services. We have updated our Business Continuity Plan to consider and mitigate the impact of the virus across our operations. This has included provision of advice and support to our employees and contractors, development of response plans and IT upgrades to increase our capacity for secure remote working.

‘Our priorities continue to be the health and safety of our people and our customers, and maintaining power supplies. Our Customer Care Team remains available on the normal channels.’

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