Electricity and Water join forces on Le Mont Fallu closure

Broadlands development

Jersey Electricity and Jersey Water have collaborated to help minimise disruption to traffic and residents during the installation of both utilities’ services to the new Broadlands Development (above) in St Peter that is resulting in the closure of Le Mont Fallu for approximately 14 weeks from Monday 29 July.

Jersey Electricity has to connect the new development to a cable at the Quetivel Mill end of Le Mont Fallu and will start excavations there and work up to the site over a period of eight weeks. Jersey Water has to connect to mains west of the site and will therefore begin its excavations immediately JE reaches the site and re-opens the road at Quetivel Mill. This work will take approximately six weeks. 

JE Construction Engineer Ashley Marner said: ‘We have often heard criticism of one utility digging up a road and reinstating it only for another utility to come along soon afterwards and dig it up again. On this big project Jersey Electricity and Jersey Water have co-operated during discussions with the Department for Growth, Housing and Environment and St Peter’s Parish on how we can avoid this while maintaining access to the premises of people who live along Le Mont Fallu.

‘This plan will result in just one closure – albeit a fairly lengthy one – and one period of disruption. We couldn’t possibly work concurrently as excavations at both ends of Le Mont Fallu would leave residents stranded.’

Early warning signs will be installed on Le Mont Fallu two weeks prior to the works commencing, with further warning signs on The Avenue and Inner road when works start so drivers can continue on up Beaumont Hill rather than travel up St Peter’s Valley and find their route blocked.