First 3km of Normandie 1 cable laid

Over 3km of the new 27km Normandie 1 (N1) subsea power cable from France to Archirondel have been laid. The cable laying vessel, the Stemat Spirit, recommenced operations at midnight last night after a pause to change its anchor pattern.

Works to bury the cable on the beach at Surville are well underway and the ‘mid support pontoon’ that aided the operation to offload the cable from the vessel to the beach will be re-floated and removed tomorrow. N1 has already been pulled through to the RTE joint bay where it will be connected to the 2km land cable that runs to St Remy and will eventually be connected to the French grid.

The Stemat is expected to complete operations on anchors later today and will continue its journey to Jersey under its own power and dynamic positioning system that manages its thrusters. Photographer Andy Le Gresley captured these stunning aerial shots yesterday

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