A special bird table and pallets for bug hotels - Mont a l’Abbe's Forest School gifts on Environment Day

Group with table

Mont a l’Abbe’s Forest Schools Project received an unexpected boost, appropriately for today's World Environment Day, when Jersey Electricity delivered a consignment of pallet boards and kindling wood from its Powerhouse stores along with a gift of a magnificent six-tier bird table designed and built by staff of Acorn Woodshack recycling workshop.

The school has been seeking a variety of unwanted outdoor items to use in its Forest Schools Project which aims to provide learning opportunities and build self-esteem through practical activities in a woodland or other outdoor environment.

A wasteland area by the school was transformed to house the Forest School last year thanks to funding from the Freemasons. It contains a fire pit and mud pit but the ground is covered to enable safe access for all Mont a l’Abbe’s 70 pupils including those who use wheelchairs.

‘We want everyone to be able to enjoy Forest School and the freedoms and fun it brings,’ says Teaching Assistant and ‘Friend of Mont a l’Abbe’ Karen O’Brien. ‘We are now seeking any unwanted outdoor items such as pallet boards to build bug hotels, garden tools, wood and metal off cuts, children’s waterproofs and Wellingtons, old tyres, blankets and rope for den building, buckets, watering cans, seeds and plants, in fact, any outdoor items we can re-use.’

JE CEO Chris Ambler said: ‘We are always keen to support educational and environmental initiatives and Forest School is both of these. We have helped Forest School projects in the past and are delighted to help Mont a l‘Abbe, a neighbour of ours. Community support doesn’t always have to involve vast sums of money. The small gestures can help, too. In this way it was also nice to involve Acorn Woodshack. Their  timber recycling project reduces carbon and waste while, importantly, providing training and employment for those with disability or long-term health issues. They do a marvellous job.’

To further mark World Environment Day, JE, has a small Normandie 3 exhibition at the Powerhouse, including a cross section of the 100MW subsea supply cable that was installed last summer and which has been providing the Island with certified low carbon electricity from France since October 2014. This has now reduced the carbon content of Jersey’s electricity from 225g CO2e /kWh in 2012-13 to around 50g CO2e /kWh today.

Below: Alex Smith and Ryan de la Haye of the Powerhouse Logistics Team unload the bird table and pallets

Alex and Ryan unloadAlex Ryan with TableAlex and Ryan with pallotsJohn Hill acorn

Above: John Hill, Manager of the Acorn Woodshack

Mont sign

Plan of the Forest School

Group garden

Forest School accredited leader Emma Slaughter shows the work done so far