French councillors visit N3 cable landing site

French group at Long Beach

A French delegation in Jersey to mark the 20th anniversary of the connections between France and the Island fostered by Maison de la Normandie visited the site of a very real connection this week when they went to Long Beach where Jersey Electricity’s 100MW Normandie 3 (N3) subsea supply cable comes ashore.

The group of  25 County Councillors of La Manche and Regional Councillors of Lower Normandy were accompanied by Maison de la Normandie Manager Aurélie Leroy, French journalists and a TV crew. They  were greeted by JE Senior Projects Engineer Mark Vivian and Clerk of Works Daniel Maletroit who both played important roles in the 10-year N3 project.

The circuit, which runs entirely underground from Périers, deep in the French countryside, to JE’s South Hill Switching Station at Mount Bingham, was completed last September.

Mark made a speech entirely in French thanking the French authorities that made the project possible. He said: ‘We must first of all thank the authorities in France, the Préfet, Préfet Maritime, Les Commune de Pirou as well as the other interested parties such as les Comités de Pêche who enabled this project to proceed.

‘We must also thank RTE who provided so much assistance. It is now 30 years since the first submarine cable was installed between Archirondel in Jersey and Surville in France. During this time we have developed a very strong working relationship with RTE in the operation of these vitally important assets which enable Jersey to import secure, reliable supplies of clean, low carbon electricity.’

A sample of the subsea section of the cable which weighs 80kg a metre was on display and the visitors were presented with DVDs of the project and a souvenir usb in the form of a miniature section of the subsea cable.