Home energy efficiency and smart tech centre launched

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Jersey Electricity has opened the most advanced home energy and Smart tech showcase in the Channel Islands, if not the UK, set in the heart of the Powerhouse.

Smarter Living is a £0.5m project that mixes the virtual with reality, enabling customers to experience the latest energy efficient heating systems and smart technology on the market like never before in Jersey.

JE CEO Chris Ambler said: ‘We have listened to our customers who said they would like to see a physical ‘Energy Hub’ in Jersey where they can come see, touch and learn about the latest technologies that can help them live, cleaner, greener lives by learning how to be more energy efficient and more in control of their home energy consumption – and energy bills - than ever before.’

Jersey is ahead of most countries in that its electricity supply is already virtually decarbonised, with around a third of its power coming from La Rance Tidal Barrier in France.

But we believe there’s more to be done. Having laid a solid foundation we are now moving our focus on to the demand side. We want to encourage electric transport and help our customers access the latest smart technologies that will give them more control, convenience and comfort.

Jersey is again ahead of the UK in the deployment of Smart Meters. Already, 83% of Jersey homes now benefit from a Smart Meter and customers can transform their understanding of electricity and how they use it via a personal, online Smart Account, through which they can view their usage profile and bills on a phone, tablet or PC.

Smart heating controls allow you to manage your heating and hot water remotely from a computer, tablet or smart phone. Other smart technology can benefit your life in all kinds of ways, creating a home that works the way you want it to.

Smart technology enables you to connect speakers, lights, doorbells, security cameras, windows, heaters and other appliances to your home WiFi so you can communicate and control them via an app on your smartphone, table or PC. Many connected home devices can be brought together with voice control assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri so you don’t even need to pick up your smartphone. Smart technology puts YOU in control, saving you time, energy, money and enhancing your lifestyle. Come and get smart. Visit Smarter Living.