International effort continues to complete N1 install


Work continues apace on both sides of The Channel securing Normandie 1 (N1). Here in Jersey, specialist engineers from Germany and Belgium have been connecting the 100MW cable to existing switch gear inside Archirondel substation, while out on the beach a six-strong team from Norwegian company Sea Trench, a sub-contractor of Dutch installers VBMS, have been using their special sea trencher that operates underwater to bury 1km of cable beneath the seabed. A similar operation has continued in France where 2km of cable is being buried on the Spring Tides in Surville.

Jersey Electricity Chief Engineer John Duquemin says: ‘The work is going well. The Sea Trench is being supported by a vessel called Hermes lV that people may have seen in the bay. Higher up, towards the sea wall, the rocky trench sloping up to the station in which the cable was pulled has to be filled and the sea wall itself reinstated. Then much work remains to be done connecting N1 to the French Grid and our network here in Jersey.’

cable wrapped3 core splitswitch gearJW and manhand connectionsconnections closeclose kit