JE warns of email scam

Jersey Electricity is warning Islanders to be on the alert to scam emails purporting to be from the utility company after four customers reported receiving fake messages containing a ZIP file which could potentially contain a virus that could prove harmful if downloaded.

 The scam message is badly written and reads:

 Dear Valued Customer,

As part of our new measures sets in place to deliver your statements online and charges verifications. We hereby attached your new online statement and new added charges.

Jersey Electricity Bill Service

 The messages originate in the Netherlands. and say they are just from
Jersey Electricity
but if you hover over the words or check the email properties the sender address is This also shows in the recipient field. 

A spokesman from Jersey Electricity’s IT Department said: ‘The messages originate in the Netherlands and should be automatically quarantined or deleted by a anti-virus software before they reach anyone’s inbox. But obviously some have got through. We recommend not to open any emails if you doubt the source.’

Jersey Electricity confirms its systems and customers’ accounts have not been compromised and are in no way affected by this crude scam.’