Jersey's largest solar panel array unveiled

The largest Photo Voltaic (PV) panel installation in Jersey has been completed at Jersey Electricity's Powerhouse headquarters on Queen's Road.

Measuring 3.2m wide by 37.5m long and comprising 76 separate panels, with a maximum output capacity of 19kW, the array is expected to generate up to 19,000 units of electricity in the first year - equivalent of providing hot water for around nine typical homes for a year.

Supplied by Dimplex and installed by Jersey Electricity Building Services on the south side of The Powerhouse, the PV array is one of several energy efficiency measures Jersey Electricity has been deploying in its premises as part of an Environmental Management System (EMS) to reduce the Company's carbon emissions and running costs.

Jersey Electricity CEO Chris Ambler said: 'We are committed to sustainable business and environmental best practice but we strive to go beyond current legislation. A British Safety Council Five-Star environmental pre-audit provided us with a road map for implementing the EMS which covers air and water based emissions, waste minimisation and water use as well as energy efficiency.

'The Powerhouse PV array is one of a raft of measures, including the installation of LED lighting, to improve our energy efficiency. We encourage our customers to be energy efficient and we mean to lead by example as we have with our heating and cooling controls, electric transportation and, of course, the de-carbonisation of electricity supplies through our import strategy.

'Renewable energy also provides an important opportunity to further diversify our energy supplies - this means increased security of supply which has always been an important objective. We continue to explore opportunities that current and
emerging renewable technologies offer. We are surveying our property portfolio to identify other sites that might be suitable for PV, wind turbine, thermodynamic and other renewable technology installations. Meanwhile, our Building Services team is equipped to install, maintain and repair a range of renewable products, including solar PV, solar water and heat pumps.'