Normandie 3 to enter test phase

Normandie 3 is now almost ready to be energised. All the subsea, French and Jersey land power cable installation is substantially complete and the 100MW cable, which will double our import capacity, is now deemed as ‘connected’ to the network between Jersey and France.

Protection work and work on the fibre optic cables that enable control and transmission of information about Normandie 3’s performance back to engineers here and France will be completed early next week.

Civil work continues at South Hill Switching Station where Normandie 3 connects to our network. Work on the enclosure over the regulator starts next week.

Over in France, similar work on the switching station at Périers, where the cable connects to the French grid, is also mostly complete. 

We will shortly be entering the ‘testing and commissioning’ phase where the whole installation, including controls, will be scrutinised, set up and tested.

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