Traffic diversions as Normandie 3 landworks progress

Traffic diversions will be in force for the next five weeks in the East of the Island as excavations continue preparing the route for the Jersey landside cable that will connect the Island's third interconnector to France, Normandie 3, to Jersey Electricity's network.

Starting on Tuesday 23 July, La Rue a Don in Grouville will be closed to through traffic from Longueville to the Villes es Renauds junction in Grouville from 9am to 9pm for approximately two weeks. Outside these hours, La Rue a Don will be open but vehicles will be subject to traffic light controls. Access to premises from Longueville to Grouville Arsenal and from Ville es Renauds to Rue du Boulivot will be maintained at all times.

N3 Groundworks 1

As the works progress, lesser restrictions will be in place for the following three weeks.

Starting 5 August, La Rue a Don will be closed to Westbound traffic only from the Villes es Renauds junction in Grouville to the area of works from 9am to 9pm, while Eastbound traffic from Longueville to Gorey will be permitted but subject to  diversion around the works which will be well signposted.

Outside these hours, La Rue a Don will be open to traffic in both directions subject to traffic controls and diversions around the works.

The excavations and duct laying on the 7km route from Grouville, where Normandie 3 will eventually come ashore, to JE's £10million switching station at South Hill, began in May and are expected to take 15 months.

The 90,000-Volt (90kV) cable itself will be manufactured in Gron, France, following the signing in February of a £40million contract with Prysmian for the supply and installation of both the Jersey land cable and 35km, 100MW submarine cable.

N3 groundworks 2

The land cable route follows the eastern coast road before cutting inland at Ville es Renauds. It takes the back roads to Grouville Arsenal before heading towards St Clement Golf Course through Parish lanes and eventually on to South Hill. The route was chosen to obtain separation from existing 90kV cabling to the north which helps to maintain network security. The work is being carried out on behalf of main contractors Prysmian by local civil engineers Jayen Ltd.

JE Senior Project Engineer Jeremy Willis, who oversaw the 90kV 3km cable installation from South Hill to Tyneville Lane in 2011, said: 'Pre-installed ducts that enable the cable to be "pulled through" later do reduce traffic disruption. The  ducts can be laid in short sections and the road resurfaced quicker than the traditional "open-cut"' method, where the cable is laid directly in the ground. It also means we can lay longer lengths, reducing "jointing" and preserving the integrity of the cable. Only five joints, excluding connections, will be needed on this 7km distance'.

JE CEO Chris Ambler said: 'These works are making excellent progress and we are grateful for the help of the Parishes of Grouville, St. Clement and St. Helier in managing complex traffic control and flow along the route.

'I am pleased that part of our contract with Prysmian specified that these works were ring-fenced for local contractors to tender for. We have also reached agreement with the French transmission operator RTE over the design of our equipment to be located in France and installation of 19km of cable ducts there is due to start next month.

If all goes well, we expect Normandie 3 to be laid early in 2014 and in service by 2015.'

Phase 1 map of diversion

Phase 2 map of diversion