Small adjustments aid efficiency of power giant

Periers reactor

 French connection: Work on the huge regulator at Périers

 Although the Normandie 3 (N3) circuit has been in service nine months,  Jersey Electricity’s Senior Projects Engineer Mark Vivian  returned to France this month to oversee adjustments on the power regulation equipment at Périers, where N3 connects to the French grid, in line with French network operator Réseau de Transport d’Électricité’s (RTE) on-going works at their new 90kV substation. Similar adjustments were also carried out on the regulator here at South Hill Switching Station where the N3 circuit joins the Jersey network.

While much focus was on the installation of the subsea cable section of the N3 circuit and adjoining Jersey land works last summer, Mark spent months in France overseeing the construction of JE’s equipment and installation of the huge reactor which controls the power flow to Jersey and aids energy efficiency on long, high-voltage transmission lines and cable systems such as N3.

He said: ‘It was nice to re-visit Périers and see just how far RTE have progressed their works. Part of RTE’s own network reinforcement at Périers involved the installation of a new circuit that also affords Jersey’s N3 cable system more resilience. This work meant some adjustments to our regulators on both sides of the Channel. The work was carried out by engineers from manufacturers ABB and did not involve any interruptions to supplies.’

working on SH reactor

 Easy does it: Adjusting the regulator at South Hill Switching Station

inside reactor

Close encounter: Inside the South Hill regulator