Overhead cable damage causes minor distruption in St John

Jersey Electricity’s Overhead Line Teams were in action again last night after  the storms brought down a tree that fell on an overhead power cable off La Route de Mont Mado in St John.

Initially, 12 customers lost their electricity supply at around 4pm. The Line Team quickly established that the incident had caused fuses to blow in Mont Mado substation. They disconnected the damaged section of the overhead line and restored power to all but one customer within two and a half hours at 6.30pm.

The fallen tree had to be removed from the line before the last customer had their supply restored at approximately 8.30pm.

Jersey Electricity has had an extra Overhead Line Team on standby overnight since the storms hit. These men played a crucial role restoring power during last March’s snow storms when there were 55 incidents within 36 hours affecting customers in 11 of Jersey’s 12 parishes.

JE Energy Division Director David Padfield said: We have had extra  men on standby and our engineers will always work as fast as possible to repair any problems on our distribution network brought about by the severe weather conditions. Thankfully, last night, only a few customers were affected for a relatively short time.’