Works start to replace Jersey-Guernsey cable link

GJ1 2000

The original cable comes ashore at Havelet Bay, Guernsey

Work to replace the power cable link between Jersey and Guernsey, known as GJ1, gets underway this week at Gréve de Lecq. Guernsey Electricity (GEL) has been granted Planning Permission to start civil works under part of the promenade in preparation for the installation of a new cable later this year.

The works involve partial closure of the promenade though the beach will remain open and access to business will be maintained.

The 60MW cable that was installed in 2000 as part of the formation of the Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG), has been working at a vastly reduced capacity since developing a fault which led to an Island-wide power cut in Guernsey last October. Since then, the island has had to supplement limited imports with costly on-Island generation.

A spokesperson for GEL said: ‘It is vital Guernsey Electricity is able to reconnect to the cable to Jersey which is a shared CIEG asset. Significant investigations indicate the best opportunity is for the link with Jersey to be installed in October. By undertaking as much preparatory work as possible before the autumn, we will hopefully be in a position to reinstate Guernsey’s capacity for full importation of low carbon electricity by the end of 2019.’