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A young woman uses her phone to control her smart heating system.

Comfort, control and convenience

A smart home powered by low-carbon electricity combines comfort, control and convenience, helping you save energy and costs while also being good for the environment.

Smart home technology enables you to connect heaters, speakers, lights, doorbells, security cameras, windows and other appliances to your home WiFi. You can communicate and control them via an app on your smartphone, tablet or PC, or via a voice control assistant such as Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.

Crucially, smart homes save energy, and even though Jersey already has a virtually decarbonised electricity supply, using energy efficiently saves money and reduces pressure on the world’s resources.

Customers at the heart of the energy system

Jersey Electricity is at the forefront of emerging technologies that offer more efficiencies and new ways to enable our customers to play an active part in the energy system.

Jersey Electricity is looking to a future of smart grids, renewable distributed generation, energy storage, vehicle-to-grid discharging (V2G) and time-of-use tariffs. We are, therefore, already increasing our focus on how electricity is used ‘beyond the meter’ inside homes for the benefit of customers and network efficiency.

We have already laid the foundations with our Island-wide roll-out of Smart Meters completed in 2020. Smart Meters are key to a Smart Grid. They support the energy management for the whole electricity system, while putting individual consumers at the heart of that system.

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App that puts you in control

Here in Jersey, Smart Meters have enabled us to develop the My JE app by providing detailed consumption data that we can feed back to customers via the app giving them more control of their energy use than ever before. This data enables you to monitor your electricity usage in kWhs (units) and cash, and identify how changes in consumption behaviours can save energy and money.

In July 2018, we opened ‘Smarter Living’, in the heart of our Powerhouse retail store. There, customers can see and learn about advanced energy efficient, low-carbon heating systems and interact with the latest smart home technology in a smart home environment.

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Heating that knows if you're home

Smart technology means electric heating systems have progressed beyond simple thermostats and programmes to turn on and off at certain times. They can now detect whether a room is in use or if a window has been opened and adjust electricity usage accordingly. This can have a dramatic effect on your energy efficiency – and your bills.

Electricity is the only energy source that can deliver a range of smart, low-carbon heating innovations to the home through high-efficiency heat pumps, electric flow boilers, underfloor heating, storage heaters and smart panel heaters.

Trusted manufacturers such as Vaillant, Mitsubishi, Daikin, EHC, Dimplex and Rointe, offer products using the latest smart technology to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

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Remote control of every home device

Products such as Hive and Nest work with your existing radiator or underfloor heating systems, giving you complete control from anywhere you have an internet connection or via various apps. For panel or storage heating, many manufacturers offer smart controls for their product ranges, for example, Farho, Rointe, EHC and Dimplex.

When sensor technology is combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), it becomes possible to automate and remotely operate virtually every device in the home.

Home appliances and even homes themselves are today being designed with built-in intelligence and interconnectivity that can interact with you and your family to meet your needs at the touch of your tablet or smart phone app in the most energy-conscious way.

Come home to a smart, all-electric home and liberate yourself from fossil fuels.