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An electric car charges at one of Jersey Electricity's electric car chargers in St Brelade's Bay.
Electric Car Jersey

The forefront of electric transportation in Jersey

We've always been at the forefront of encouraging electric transportation in Jersey. We installed the first public chargers in St Helier multi-storey car parks in 2103. Within a year, we had extended the network to 18.

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An electric vehicle charges at Red Houses in St Brelades.

Electric vehicles are the smart choice for Jersey

Road transport accounts for around a third of the Island's total carbon emissions. To have any chance of achieving carbon neutrality will require a shift to lower carbon transportation.

Given that Jersey already has one of the cleanest electricity supplies in Europe, moving to electric transportation on an island that measures nine miles by five would seem an obvious choice to make.

We hope our 'Road to 100' will give drivers peace of mind to commit to buying an EV and help Jersey towards a zero-carbon future.

A man pays to use the electric cehicle charge at The Powerhouse.

February 2019 - Upgrades for all car park chargers

We upgraded all the original public charge points, installed in multi-storey car parks in 2013, to smart BP Chargemaster units.

Drivers can now ‘pay-as-you-go’ via an app or contactless card, while also accessing over 2,200 chargers in the UK.

We also installed Jersey’s first 50kW rapid charger at our Powerhouse HQ. This is free-to-access via a contactless payment system and can fully charge the average EV in well under one hour (and for many vehicles 80% of capacity in 25mins).

Kevin Pamplin and Chris Amber stand in the electric vehicle charging bays in Pier Road carpark.

June 2019 - Six charging bays installed at Pier road

Infrastructure Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis switched on an additional six charging bays he helped us to install in Pier Road multi-story car park. Alongside are a further four dedicated EV priority parking bays for EV owners who do not need a charge.

November 2019 - Partnership with the Co-op

Working in partnership with the Channel Islands Co-operative Society, EV owners can charge while they shop. We installed four charging bays at St Peter Grand Marché and four at St Peter En Route. More at Grand Marché St Helier are due by the end of 2020.

An electric vehicle charging point in a car park

February 2020 - The roll out gathers pace

We extended the public network to St Brelade (2), First Tower (2) and St Aubin (2). We also began constructing Jersey's first Solar Hub at Queen's Road. The 22-bay carport incorporates a solar PV array on its roof and has two EV charging bays.

We became the first company outside the UK to trial the latest Vehicle-to-Grid  (V2G) domestic chargers. These chargers could enable EV owners to sell excess energy stored in their car batteries back on to the grid at times of peak demand.

In partnership with Indra Renewable Technologies, we installed four of the chargers to trial on some our own EVs at La Collette Power Station. The trial continues.

April 2020 - Partnerships with EVie on-demand

We installed Jersey's first on-street charger for use by members of EVie on-demand electric mobility club.

Andrew Welsby demonstrates the rapid electric vehicle charger at Red Houses.

June 2020 - Rapid chargers installed

The East and West of the Island got their own rapid chargers to complement the one we installed at our Powerhouse headquarters. Long Beach, Grouville, and Red Houses, St Brelade, now each have a 50kW charger, capable of fully charging the average EV in well under one hour (and for many vehicles 80% of capacity in 25mins).

Mark Preece is pictured holding one of the Electric Vehicle charging plugs at La Collette.

July 2020 - 47 charging bays and counting

Jersey’s growing number EV drivers can now charge while they watch a film, go for a swim or any number of other activities on the Waterfront.

In partnership with Jersey Development Company and EVie we opened four new 22kW public charging bays and two 7kW EVie charge points on the Waterfront underground car park.

In September 2020, we partnered Sandpiper CI to open two more bays at its Georgetown Iceland store, and officially opened two more bays at St Ouen's Parish Hall.

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