The Energy Blog 2.5% April tariff rise deferred six months

We are deferring the planned 2.5% tariff rise due to take effect on 1 April 2020 as part of a range of measures to help mitigate the impact of Coronavirus on the community.

Jersey Electricity CEO Chris Ambler said: ‘At this unprecedented time of uncertainty and with our customers being forced to spend more time in their homes, and particularly those in vulnerable circumstances, the Board has taken the decision to defer the 2.5% rise to 1 October 2020.’

The move will cost the Company £1million in lost revenue but Mr Ambler added: ‘The Board of Jersey Electricity and all our colleagues understand the fears and challenges our community is facing. With many Islanders ultimately facing job losses and businesses likely forced to close, even if temporarily, it is important that the utilities in our small community work together to help customers through this crisis.

‘As an essential service provider, we have well practised contingency plans and have been preparing our response to COVID-19 for some time.  A dedicated team is regularly reviewing the status of our preparedness, putting in place mitigating actions where appropriate. As the situation has developed, we continue to issue guidelines to all employees to ensure our response is appropriate in dealing with the issue as it escalates in Jersey.

‘We wish to reassure all our customers of the measures we have taken as a business to safeguard our customers and our employees and ensure continuation of our core services of keeping the Island supplied with electricity and attending to any loss of supplies.

‘Our priorities continue to be the health and safety of the general public, our customers and our employees as well as maintaining services. Our Customer Care Team remains available on the normal channels and we will do all we can to help anyone who experiences difficulty paying a bill.’