The Energy Blog Electricity prices frozen - so you don't need to be

We’re freezing electricity prices for a third winter and throughout next year to at least January 2018 making almost four years of stable pricing despite the fall in Sterling against the Euro. Meanwhile, customers in the UK are bracing themselves for potential double-digit price rises this winter due to a combination of the fall in the Pound, increased wholesale prices and green taxes. One company has already raised prices by 30%.


Every week more and more people in Jersey are switching to the simplicity of electricity. Gas Banding Standing Charges introduced at the start of 2016 were designed to help people budget better. But nine different ‘bands’ based on the age of your property and previous consumption, have left many customers confused.

Meanwhile, even people who heat their homes by oil are finding a bedazzling choice of prices depending on supplier, amount and delivery date, with oil prices generally on the rise again since the spring.

Confused? Simplify your life. Switch to electricity. Call 505460 to arrange a free quotation.


Jersey Electricity’s tariffs haven’t changed for almost three years and won’t be changing until at least 2018. Four tariffs offer off-peak discounted electricity for heating depending on your heating system and lifestyle. If you already use electric heating, make sure you are on the best tariff and using it correctly. Watch this simple video or visit our tariff section

Go Electric

If you’re thinking of switching from gas or oil to the high efficiency simplicity of electricity, it’s easier than you might think. You can keep your radiators and pipework but you can do away with that flue and storage tank! See how simple it really is in our video guide to switching. Or call 505460 to arrange a free quotation.

Save Energy

And finally, remember to use energy wisely. Spare a moment to follow our simple tips to save energy and money this winter.