The Energy Blog Saving energy when the sun's out

Saving energy when the sun's out

Switch off or use automation to save

Being more efficient about when you cool your home can really help save the pennies. If you're out of the house for long periods during the day, make sure to which switch off any fans or air conditioning units. If your cooling unit has a timer, set it to turn on 30 - 60 minutes before arriving home, and you'll still enjoy a cool home on your return.

If you have smart thermostat, you may be able to set different timers for different days of the week to match your schedule, turn the system on or off remotely when on the go, or even set it to automatically respond to changes throughout the day.

Keep cool with shade

We know to stand in the shade if we get too hot outside, but it's easy to overlook how effective shade can be in the home too. Sunlight beaming in through windows will raise the temperature of your home, making it harder - and more expensive - to cool down with fans or air con units. Try closing blinds or drawing curtains during the hottest times of the day to help keep rooms cooler for longer.

If you are landscaping your garden, careful planning when planting trees or tall shrubs can provide natural shade and help block out some direct sunlight.

Use warm or cold water to wash

Quick showers are energy efficient, and in the summer a cold shower will both cool you down and save you money.

The same can be said for doing laundry or washing dishes using a cold or low heat setting on your appliances where possible. Not only will it save you money by using less energy to heat the water, but will help avoid raising the temperature of your home.

Narrow the temperature gap

On extremely hot days, it's tempting to make the indoor temperature super cool. Though it may bring relief from the heat, creating a big difference between the outdoor and indoor temperature will also have a big impact on your energy bills.

Leaving a cooling system on a temperature setting a lot lower than the outside is inefficient and expensive to run. If your cooling system has a thermostat controller, try setting the it to a little lower than the outside temperature then taking it down a degree or two at a time until you find a comfortable temperature.

Give the oven a break

Using the oven on hot days will heat up the rest of the home too. Where possible, cook food using the hob or grill, as they will use less energy and produce less heat. Or cool down with a salad - and if the weather's good, fire up the barbecue!

Book a boiler check up

Although the use of household boilers tends to reduce during the summer months, it can still contribute to energy costs through heating water. The benefits of a safe and an efficient boiler are enormous, providing you with peace of mind as well as lower energy bills. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to book an annual service by a certified technician.

If it’s time to consider a replacement, an electric boiler could be a great solution for lowering your bills even further. With our CosyCare service packages, you can receive cover on your boiler all year round.

At JE, our Customer Care Team is always on hand to answer your questions, so please get in touch on 01534 505460 or email if you'd like information about making your home more energy efficient.