The Energy Blog We've upgraded Jersey's EV charging infrastructure

We've upgraded Jersey's EV charging infrastructure

Jersey’s public electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, originally installed in the multi-storey car parks in 2013, has been given a face lift thanks to further significant investment by Jersey Electricity. 

JE has long pioneered the uptake of electric transport in the Island, which is ideal for EVs in terms of driving conditions and distances travelled, and after consulting current and potential EV owners, JE has upgraded all the existing charger infrastructure to the latest smart-enabled Chargemaster units. Transportation in Jersey also produces around one third of the Island’s total carbon emissions and is a huge opportunity for further decarbonisation.

In addition to the 12 EV charging points currently installed in the multi-storey car parks, JE is installing Jersey’s first public 50kW rapid charger at the Powerhouse capable of fully charging the average EV in under one hour (and for many vehicles 80% of the capacity in 25mins).  This unit is capable of delivering seven times the energy of the normal ‘fast chargers’ and is designed to assist customers who wish to urgently
re-charge, minimising waiting times.

JE has partnered UK provider Charge-Your-Car, giving local drivers access to over 2,200 chargers in the UK. Any charger issues or problems are also supported by a dedicated 24/7 helpline, including remote connectivity into the chargers themselves, meaning customers can charge with complete peace of mind.

Peter Cadiou, JE’s Director of Commercial Services said: ‘There are now over 450 plug-in vehicles on our roads, all of which are free from emissions helping to improve our air quality – and the numbers are growing. As Jersey’s electricity supply is virtually completely decarbonised, drivers are also slashing their carbon footprint by switching from petrol and diesel, as well as benefiting from lower running costs without compromising performance. It seems that everyone who has tried an EV says they are perfect for the Island.  

‘We are pleased to see growing numbers of EVs and want to support owners with our upgraded charging network which we also hope to extend further. We are in discussions with local businesses to install charging points across the Island and hope to increase the number of chargers significantly in the coming year.’

As well as meeting driver expectations, JE is keen to actively support government objectives outlined in the Energy Pathway document AS13 to increase the number of ULEVs in Jersey to 5,579 by 2020.