Economy 20 PLUS (E20+)

 New installations or conversions from other heating tariffs to Economy 20+

To assist you with converting existing, replacement or new heating systems from other heating tariffs i.e. Economy20, Comfort Heat or Economy 7 to the new E20+ tariff, we have set out the metering/switch gear layouts for typical single phase and three phase installations for which can be viewed by clicking the link beow.

Click here to view the revised technical drawings

Please be aware that when carrying out a conversion to the E20+ tariff, any existing tariff change-over controls or switchgear equipment, i.e. heating boost switches, BX2000 water heating controllers etc. must be removed prior to the E20+ tariff being switched on.

The existing installation wiring must be connected in accordance with the tariff requirements and the current edition of the IET wiring regulations BS 7671.

It may be possible that some existing electric heating installations may not be suitable for connecting to the E20+ tariff, if you are uncertain about this, please contact JE Energy Solution on Tel:505460, e-mail: for free help and advice

 Full tariff details are available below