How to request a new supply

Completing our Electricity Supply Enquiry (ESE) form ensures that careful consideration is given to your requirements and the electricity supply to your building is correctly sized.


Step by step:

Step 1. Complete an ESE Form with:

 - A site location plan

 - A ground floor drawing

 - All your proposed electrical load in kilowatts (kW)

Step 2. Return marked Planning Team by:

 - Email

 - Hand or post to: Jersey Electricity, The Powerhouse, Queens Road, St Helier JE4 8NY

 - By hand to La Collette Power Station Reception

Step 3. We will confirm receipt of the application

Step 4. We will arrange a site visit if necessary

Step 5. We will send a written quotation after the site visit within:

 - 15 working days for the cost of providing a normal supply or altering an existing supply

 - 25 days if connecting your supply involves significant network reinforcement works


For further information on supply installation, call 505460



Electricity Supply Enquiry form

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