I need to install additional load

If you want an additional supply to connect to a new out-building, or more electricity to power a new heating system or extension, you simply have to submit an Electricity Supply Enquiry form (ESE).

If your current supply meets your proposed needs, we will confirm to you in writing and your contractor can get on with the work. If your current supply is not sufficient, we will advise you of the necessary works.

If you are changing tariff, you may need to submit a connection of meter form.

Step by step:

1 - Complete an ESE form including your existing and proposed electrical load in kilowatts (kW)

2 - Return marked Planning Team by:

    • Email ese@jec.co.uk
    • Hand or post to: Jersey Electricity, The Powerhouse, Queens Road, St Helier JE4 8NY
    • By hand to La Collette Power Station Reception

3 - You may then submit your Connection of Meter form, if required, with reference to the ESE number contained in our confirmation letter. Return marked Metering Team by:

4 - If your current supply is insufficient, we will advise you of the necessary works

Further information on supply installation, call 505711.

Electricity Supply Enquiry form
Connection of Meter form

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