Customer care support

The Jersey Electricity Customer Care team offer a number of services that could help your customers. Contact Customer Care, or ask your customer to contact us directly, for any of the following services:

Choosing the right tariff
We want our customers to be on the right tariff so they are not paying more for their electricity than they need to. When a customer changes to electric heating they will generally move to one of our heating tariffs. If you or your customer are unsure which tariff is best suited to the electric heating system you are installing, contact Customer Care who will be happy to discuss the options.

Energy saving advice
There are a number of ways to save energy in the home. If your customer is concerned about high bills, or is interested in reducing their energy use, our home advisors can advise on possible energy efficiency improvements.

Bills, metering, Pay As You Go & Direct Debits

There are a number of ways to pay for your electricity. Customer care can discuss options and help you set up payment plans to spread the cost of electricity.

Heating advisor service
Customers that have moved to new heating systems can have difficulty understanding new control systems. This could lead to wasted energy, lack of comfort and complaints about the heating not working. Our Customer Care team are happy to provide follow up advice for all electric heating installations to ensure customers are getting the most from their electric heating.

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