Tariff options for your customer

We want our customers to be on the most economical tariff for their needs. Using the below table you can advise your customer on the best tariff for their heating system. 

   Heating system    Economy 7  Comfort Heat Economy 20+
 Storage heating Yes Yes  No 
Panel heating No No Yes
Heat pumps  No No  Yes 
Flow boiler  No No  Yes 
Electric underfloor  No No  Yes 


Heating tariffs are only open to customers with heating systems that meet the Jersey Electricity Approved Heating Guidelines. Please ensure that your heating system designs and installations comply with these guidelines in order to provide maximum efficiency and flexibility to your customers.

Jersey Electricity always recommend future-proofing of installations to allow customers tariff flexibility. This can be achieved by an additional live and neutral supply between the meter and the consumer unit. This simple step gives your customer the flexibility to move between all of the available tariffs, helping them save money.

For more information see our Customer focused Tariffs and Rates pages or watch our Tariff video.  You may also wish to download our Customer facing Domestic Tariffs Explained  leaflet.

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