Case Studies

There's an electric heating solution for any situation. The case studies below highlight just a few of the ways in which electricity has solved our customers' heating needs.

If your business has helped a customer make the switch to electric heating please let us know so that we can showcase your good work.

Oil boiler to Air Source Heat Pump

Mr R's old Jersey farmhouse was running from an inefficient boiler that provided heat and hot water via an antiquated heating system. As he was renovating the property, Mr R was keen to implement up-to-date technology that would be of benefit for years to come.

Read the case study here to find out how Isle-eco provided a clean, efficient all electric heat pump solution.

Gas boiler to Electric flow boiler

Mr and Mrs B contacted Jersey Electricity as their gas boiler was coming to the end of its life and they were unhappy with the level of service from their current fuel provider. Having been 'messed around' once too often regarding billing disputes, they applied for a free heating review at the Jersey Electricity Customer Care reception.

Find out more about the end-to-end electric heating solution by reading the full case study here.

All electric office heating

Communications agency Liquid approached Energy Solutions for independent heating advice after taking on a new office lease. The ground floor office in Bond Street did not include any heating provision so the Energy Solutions team provided free advice to help Liquid identify the most appropriate heating solution.

Read the case study here to find out more..

100% efficient electric combi boiler

Mr B was experiencing high running costs with his gas combination boiler.  Rather than replace like-for-like Mr B secured improved efficiencies by opting for an electric combination boiler.

Read on via this link to view the electric combination boiler case study.

Smart panel heating for maximum flexibility

Miss W had recently purchased a two-bedroom St Helier flat. She needed an affordable heating solution that would suit her flexible working hours without major works. 

Find out how the smart panel heaters are the perfect fit for a young professional in the full case study here.

Oil leak sparks switch to electric

Mr K wanted to move away from oil heating having experienced a major leak from his oil tank. An all electric combination boiler provided a clean, efficient and low risk solution that integrated seamlessly into the existing heating system.

To find out more about the project, read the case study here.

Heat pump hot water for local restaurant

The Bon Viveur restaurant was suffering from a lack of hot water for the kitchen at crucial times in the working day. Having considered the options a heat pump solution was chosen as the best technology for the job and the business is now reaping the rewards with fuel bill savings of £3,000 per year.

Find out more by reading the case study here.

Air source heat pump delivers 40% bill reduction

Mr A was interested in a heating upgrade that would reduce his family's fuel bills. A 300% air source heat pump was the ideal choice, but would it suit his typical end of terrace home?  Heat pumps are the perfect match for a well-insulated modern property, but by opting for a Vaillant heat pump with in-line back up immersion Mr A managed to cover all bases.

Read the case study here to find out more.