Electric boilers


Electric boilers are simple to install, quiet in operation, 100% efficient and integrate into most existing radiator or underfloor piped systems. Plus, with no flue or storage tank, an electric boiler is a space saving option that can be installed almost anywhere in your customer’s property.


Domestic – Both system and combination boilers are available in a range of sizes to cater for any domestic fuel switch scenario.
Commercial – Flow boilers up to 48kW are available to suit larger scale heating demands.


Electric boilers are best suited to the E20+ tariff.

Installation advice

Slim line boiler units are available that can be accommodated into tight spaces such as airing cupboards, utility rooms or kitchens.

Manufacturer Product Local stockists
Electric heating company     Fusion Comet boiler     Normans
Electric heating company     SlimJim boiler Normans
Electric heating company     Comet combination boiler    Normans
ACV E-Tech S combined boiler and cylinder    Romerils
ACV E-Tech W boiler Romerils

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