Heat pumps


A heat pump provides heat to a piped central heating and/or hot water system much like a traditional boiler. In recent years the majority of heat pumps installed locally have been within the new-build market, but retro-fits are becoming more common as high-flow temperature units are now available.

Heat pumps are the most energy efficient heating product on the market, offering a co-efficient of performance of 2.5 – 3.5 for air source units or even higher for ground source systems. In simple terms this means that for every 1 unit of electrical energy input, between 2.5 – 3.5 units of heat energy are generated.


Domestic - particularly well suited to properties with underfloor heating and good standards of insulation

Commercial – Small to medium scale commercial businesses


Heat pumps are best suited to the E20+ tariff.

Installation advice

Air source heat pumps need to draw in a free flow of ambient air which is then expelled as cooled air. Consider where the cold air from the unit will be directed to avoid causing a nuisance.

Manufacturer            Product        Local stockist    
Mitsubishi Ecodan JEBS / Plumb Centre    
Daikin Altherma JEBS / Brady & Gallagher        
Omnie LWD-Series Romerils
Grant VortexAir (oil hybrid)       Normans / Romerils
Vaillant Arotherm Plumb Centre

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