Storage heating


Today’s storage radiators are simple to install, easy to use and offer improved controllability. By using low cost electricity to heat up overnight, or during the day as required, storage heaters offer extremely economical running costs.

The Dimplex Quantum is the most advanced and economical storage heater on the market. The Building Research Establishment has shown that the Quantum is 27% more efficient in comparison to a standard storage heater.


  • Domestic – main living areas, often supplemented by panels and towel rails
  • Small scale commercial – main occupancy areas


The majority of customers choose to combine storage heaters with the Comfort Heat tariff, giving the benefit of overnight heating plus two two-hour top up periods during the day. The Economy 7 tariff can also be used with modern storage heaters in well-insulated or low heat loss properties.

Installation advice

If your customer is uncertain of their storage heater controls why not point them to our Guide to Using Storage Heaters webpage or suggest they call Customer Care on 505460 for specific advice.

Manufacturer           Product                    Local stockists      
Dimplex Quantum Edmunsons Electrical / Wholesale Electrics
Dimplex Duo Edmunsons Electrical / Wholesale Electrics
Dimplex CXLS Edmunsons Electrical / Wholesale Electrics
Dimplex XLS Edmunsons Electrical / Wholesale Electrics
Heatstore Quantum ES&M
Heatstore HSXN ES&M
VentAxia Optimax Plus  

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