Trade associations

The Channel Islands Group of Professional Engineers is the representative body for the professional engineering institutions in the Channel Islands.

CIGPEWe aim to promote and support professional engineering in the islands and assist in the careers of future engineers. Continuing professional development is encouraged for all members of the group and regular events are organised to bring specialists in engineering related disciplines to both Jersey and Guernsey to present informative and entertaining lectures. These are open to both members and non-members of the group.

The Association of Jersey Architects

AJAIt is the shared ambition of the Association of Jersey Architects to support the Planning Minister's vision of improving the quality of design in Jersey- "Better Design- Better Buildings".

Local architects understand what high quality design means, and more importantly, what it means in the particular context of Jersey.

This unique blend of off-Island professional training and on-Island experience puts Jersey Architects in a unique position to deliver the very best architectural services.

The Jersey Construction Council

JeCCTHE JeCC occupies a unique role within the Jersey construction industry. The breadth and depth of its membership means that JeCC is the only body able to speak with authority on the diverse issues connected with construction without being constrained by the self-interest of any particular sector of the industry.

The Jersey Electrical Contractors Association

JECATo encourage qualified Electrical Contractors to become members of the Association in order to promote the Industry in the Island. To promote the Association and protect the interests of it's members and to safeguard the general public. For members to encourage their staff to keep up with current rules, regulations and practices. To ensure that apprentices follow recognized training courses and receives adequate training.