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Amenity lighting covers a wide range of outdoor and indoor lighting solutions. Our JEBS team carry out a variety of installations for businesses.

Applications & installations

All commercial installations

Maintenance and repair

All forms of outside lighting

Highway & car park lighting

24/7 support and call-out services

Decorative and festive lighting

Low energy and LED lighting installation

Residential roadway and private lighting schemes

Infrastructure support

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Low energy amenity lighting

Lighting your business's outdoors spaces is now far more affordable than you may think. Thanks to a range of solutions including LED bulbs, smart timers and motion sensors, we can help reduce your lighting costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.

An electrician carries out maintenance.

Our expert amenity lighting installers

JEBS' specialist Amenity Lighting Team has over 50 years' experience. It provides installation and maintenance services to many clients, including the Government of Jersey and parishes for most of the primary and secondary roads in Jersey.

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