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Reconnecting the electricity supply

If the electricity supply at your new commercial premises has been disconnected, you will need to follow these steps:

Application for a Supply of Electricity to Non-Domestic Premises


How long does it take to reconnect the electricity supply?

The length of time it takes to reconnect your supply depends on how the supply was disconnected.

If the supply had the service fuse removed and installation is still in a safe condition:

  • We'll reconnect the supply within 48 working hours if we can access your meter and connections.
  • We'll leave the main isolator switch off. It is your responsibility to turn on the supply and ensure it's safe.
  • If we can't access the meter, we will leave a card asking you to arrange a time when we can gain access.
  • If any fault on our supply equipment prevents immediate reconnection, we'll rectify it and notify you of any delay.

If the supply was remotely disconnected:

  • We'll remotely reconnect the supply within 48 working hours
  • It's your responsibility to turn on the supply in your property and ensure it's safe
  • You'll need to access the meter and energise the supply by following the instructions on the meter screen

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