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Sign up for Direct Debit and save £12 a year

If you already receive your electricity bills electronically,  did you know you
can save £3 off your quarterly bills if you also pay them by Direct Debit, either Fixed or Variable? That's £12 a year off your electricity costs.

Fixed Direct Debit spreads the cost of your annual electricity consumption over 12 equal monthly payments that we agree with you.

Your bank transfers the payments automatically on a day of the month
to suit you.

Variable Direct Debit means your bank will transfer the full amount due 18 days after you have received and checked your statement. No fuss. No missed payment dates.

To start saving £12 a year off your electricity, call our Customer Care Team on 505460 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday).

Alternatively, download and complete the Direct Debit form below then send it to the address shown.