I want to install a ‘buy back’ meter

If you are generating your own sustainable electricity from renewable sources such as solar (PV) panels or wind turbine and produce more than your household consumes, Jersey Electricity will buy surplus units that you export to our network under our Buy Back Tariff.

Step by step:

  • Obtain any necessary planning permissions for your installation
  • Use a certified installer to install a wind turbine
  • Your installer must be familiar with regulations G83 or G59 for fitting embedded generators
  • Submit an 'Electricity Supply Enquiry' (ESE) form
  • Submit an 'Embedded Generator Installation' form
  • Our Planning Engineer inspects your installation
  • We will fit a 'Buy Back' meter beside your existing outdoor meter at no cost
  • If your existing meter is indoors, we have to move it outside and our Planning Engineer will advise you of the costs