Coronavirus - Please help us to help you

COVID-19 is affecting everyone – but we remain dedicated to serving all Islanders in these anxious times. We aim to keep you supplied with power, attend to you in an emergency and help with bill payments if needed.

Looking after our customers and employees is our top priority. Our Customer Care Team needs to focus on helping vulnerable customers, dealing with emergencies and debt relief enquiries. If your enquiry is not urgent, please email your query to and one of our team will call you back or, alternatively, take a look at the FAQs below.

News on Island utiltity companies from the Government of Jersey

I have a Pay As You Go Key Meter and I can’t get out of the house to top up

First, ask a friend, relative or your parish’s volunteer group if they can take your key and top up for you. If you have no one to top up your key for you, please call us on 505460 and we’ll provide special support.

I have a Pay As You Go Smart Meter and I can’t get out of the house to top up

If you have a new Pay As You Go Smart Meter and Smart Card and are self-isolating, anyone can top up for you without having to visit your home if they have your six-digit Meter Number. Alternatively, call us on 505460 with your Meter Number to hand.

Can engineers visit my home?

In line with Government of Jersey advice on social distancing, JEBS, our Building Services team, and Energy Solutions have resumed home visits in relation to heating surveying and fuel switching in domestic properties. To book a survey, please call 505600, 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.

We  continue to deal with ‘no lights and power’ emergencies.  

What if my power fails?

There could be a several reasons why you have lost power. Please see our step-by-step guide. Our engineers will come if needed but will ask you some questions before entering your premises so we can take proper safety precautions to protect both you, your family members and our engineers. Call us on 505460.

How can you protect customers when your engineers visit?

When an engineer visits your home he/she will ask a series of questions before entering: .

  • Is anyone self-isolating/recently returned from overseas?
  • Is anyone unwell but has not had their illness diagnosed by a medical practitioner?
  • Is anyone in your home at higher risk – i.e. over 70, diabetic etc

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, our engineer will take appropriate actions. They will keep a safe distance at all times and wear any necessary protective equipment to protect you, your family members and themselves.

I want to talk to someone about an appliance I bought/ordered from the Powerhouse

For all retail queries, please call 505460 and follow option 2. You will be re-directed to our Powerhouse helpline so our Customer Care Team can focus on electricity supply enquires.

I’ve ordered an appliance from the Powerhouse – how can you ensure my safety isn’t compromised when it is delivered?

The Powerhouse is now re-open 9am to 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday, offering free Island-wide delivery observing the latest social distancing guidelines. In store, we are adhering to visible safety measures such as perspex screens at our pay zones, PPE and sanitizing in an effort to protect both our customers and staff. You can continue to shop online and Click and collect .