Metering and Pay As You Go

Your electricity meter is a precision instrument, certified before its installation, so you can be confident of its accuracy.

Your type of meter depends on what tariff you are on. There are basically two types: mechanical and electronic.

The mechanical meter can be single register for our General Domestic Tariff or a dual register for Economy 7. Two single register meters can be used side by side for our Economy 20 Tariff. The electronic meter registers three rates and is used with our Comfort Heat Tariff.

Unless you have a Smart Meter or a Pay As You Go Meter, our Meter Technician will call every quarter to read your meter. If we are unable to gain access we will leave a card.  You can submit your own reading online, by emailing, by calling 505295 or by returning the card in the post. If you don't respond, we will estimate your account.

If we have been unable to gain access for three consecutive quarters and either you have submitted your own readings or we have estimated them, we will call or write to you to arrange a suitable time for our Meter Technician to gain access to your meter to inspect it and obtain a 'true' reading. This is in line with our Terms and Conditions of Supply.