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Metering and Pay As You Go

Practically all meters in Jersey are now remote-reading Smart Meters. This means our Meter technicians no longer have to visit your premise to read your meter, nor do you have to submit your own meter readings.

For Pay As You Go customers, this means keys have been replaced with Smart Cards for use at over 50 Payzone outlets.We will be removing ageing key meter top-up terminals from retail outlets by the end of September. After this date, the only remaining key terminal will be in the Smarter Living area of the Powerhouse, Queen's Road, and maximum top-up will be £10.

We will, however, be carrying out safety checks through the life of the meter across the entire Island. This is to ensure that no damage has occurred to our property; that the JE Service and meter are electrically safe and that the enclosure you have supplied to house the meter is fit for purpose. We will advise you if repairs need to be made. 

No more estimated bills

Smart Meters also mean an end to estimated bills. They record your consumption and send the readings to us automatically every day for quarterly billing purposes,  so you are only billed for the electricity you have used. 

What’s more, as the readings can be taken on the same date each quarter as determined by your postcode, you will be billed for four equal 90-day periods. 

The type of meter depends on your tariff

Mainscoms are the older generation remote reading meters. Mainsom 1 is a single element meter for our General Domestic Tariff and Economy 7 (E7) tariffs. The Mainscom 2 is a two and three-rate meter for use with Comfort Heat, E7, Economy 20 (E20) and Economy 20 Plus (E20+) off peak heating tariffs 

New generation meters

The newer generation Smart Meters are The Liberty 140, the Liberty 115 and the Secure Sprint 215. Liberty 140 is a single element meter for our General Domestic Tariff and E7 tariffs. Liberty 115 is two and three-rate for use with Comfort Heat, E7, E20 and E20+ off peak heating solution.

The Secure Sprint 215 is a multi-rate meter for use on 3 Phase supplies up to 100A. 

If you still don’t have a Smart Meter, one of our  Meter Technicians will attempt to call at least once a year to read your meter and carry out a safety check.

If we are unable to gain access we will leave a card.  You can submit your own reading online, by emailing jec@jec.co.uk, by calling 505295 or by returning the card in the post.  If we are unable to obtain a true reading, we will estimate your account.