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Pay as you charge

Pay as you charge quickly with Pay By Card.

You don't need a Charge Your Car account.

1. Open the Pay as You Charge web app
2. Click on the Pay By Card option at the bottom of the screen – you can register on the site at another time
3. Zoom in on the map to find your charger (you can check the serial number on side of the charger)
4. Select the charger and insert your card details to charge.

Tip: If you charge via the public network regularly, register for a Charge Your Car account to save time. You'll only need to enter your payment details once.

For quicker future access, save the web-app to your home screen.


Electric Car

New to electric driving?

We have a range of Standard (7.4kW), Fast (22kW) and Rapid (50kW) chargers across the Island. As more drivers make the switch to electric and demand increases we will expand the number of charging points and add new locations. 

For rapid charging, your electric vehicle will have a specific connection point. The rapid charger can only charge one vehicle at a time via specific tethered leads for Chademo, CCS and Mennekes Type 2 connections. Please note although the rapid charger has three charging leads, only one charging session (lead) can be enabled at any one time. When viewing the online map, if any lead is in use the remaining leads will be unavailable.

All chargers require the user to provide their own charging lead. Chargers will automatically recognise how fast a charge your vehicle can accept, and how much charge is required.

An electric vehicle charges at Red Houses in St Brelades.

Ways to charge

There are three ways to pay for charging your car:

  1. Register for a Charge Your Car account
  2. Pay as you charge
  3. Contactless charging

Next steps

Chargers can be unlocked using the Charge Your Car smart phone app, or Evolve RFID card. 

Follow our four-step process to register. You only need to register once to save your details and make charging your car more convenient for future charges.

Smart Charger Main

How you can register for a Charge Your Car account

The Charge your Car (CYC) app is a quick and simple way to get immediate access to the charging network.

  1. Please access the following URL via your iPhone/Android device browser
    Once accessed i.e. via Safari on iPhone, you first need to save this URL as a homepage (click on apple up icon and then Add to Homescreen)
  2. Verify your account and follow the link to the main Charge Your Car account page, this link will take a few seconds
  3. Register your bank details for direct debit payment
  4. Once your bank details are verified you will be able to charge
Charging A Car

How to activate your session

  1. Sign in with your username and password (Direct Debit (DD) must be active for the session start).
  2. Select any CYC or Evolve registered Charge-point (socket 1 is on the left of the charger and socket 2 on the right). 
  3. Start the session.
  4. During the session, you’ll notice that the web-app has a drop-down menu and some of the features may re-direct you to the main CYC website. However, you can search the CYC interactive map, see previous charging session history and when a charge is taking place you'll see a “Charging” tab appear. If you navigate to a different tab, you can go back to the “Charging” tab to end your current charge.
  5. If you sign out or close it with a session in progress, the current charging session will appear when you reopen it.
  6. Tap the Stop Charge feature when you're ready.

Alternatively, if you don’t have your bank details to hand, the CYC charge point map will allow you to find a charge point and activate a session without signing up.

El Tico Charge Point

How to register: RFID card

This easy-to-use card will enable you to start and end charging sessions. There is a £20 per annum administration fee for using this card.

Step 1 – Create account via the driver sign up form
Step 2 – Register a Direct Debit
Step 3 – Purchase an RFID card, this will be posted to you direct
Step 4 – You can use your card to access the chargers

Evolve Public Charge Point

Contactless payment (Rapid chargers only)

Follow the instructions on screen to use a contactless credit or debit card to start and end your charging session.

Further information

Charge Your Car will administer your registration

Manage charging sessions via RFID card or the Charge Your Car app

Provide support for any issues at the charger, via the dedicated 24/7 Helpline (local rates apply)

Issue RFID cards if requested (£20 per annum)

Send charging session statements by email

Process all payments

Speak to Customer Care

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