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Charging your EV

Though most Electric Vehicles can be charged on a standard 13Amp home socket, we recommend having a weatherproof external charging point fitted on a dedicated circuit. This is simple to do and chargers come in a variety of styles to suit homes and businesses, small and large.

You can have one fitted free of charge as a member of Jersey Electricity's EV owners' Evolve Club. Membership can also offer access to public charging points in the five mult-storey Town car parks, in Sand Street, Patriotic Street, Green Street, Minden Place and Pier Road and our own car park at The Powerhouse. These charge points are fitted with dual sockets for both 16Amp and faster 32Amp charging. The chargers automatically recognise how much charge your vehicle can take.

What you get with Evolve Membership

Evolve Public at £10 per month gives you a key to access electricity at our public charging points. You will need your own charging lead which are available to purchase on request. Minimum agreement 12 month. Subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

Evolve Home at £25 per month offers you free installation of a home charger. Includes annual maintenance inspection and one free installation move, should you change property. Minimum agreement 36 months. Subject to on-site survey and status. Terms and conditions apply.

Evolve Home Plus at £30 per month has the same benefits as Evolve Home, but includes access to the public charging network. Plug-2-Plug, 32 Amp EV charging lead included for access to the public network. Minimum agreement 36 months. Subject to on-site survey and status. Terms and conditions apply.

Evolve Business offers the same options to business users as domestic users although our Economy 7 Tariff, which we recommend to EV owners charging at home, is dependent on the tariff configuration within larger building and may not be practicable or possible.

We are happy to install a home or business charging point on a paid for basis, with no subscription required. Please call 505460 to arrange a quotation.

Alternatively, you may choose to use your own installer and purchase your charging unite elsewhere.

Visiting Jersey with an electric vehicle?

Visitors to Jersey needing to charge their EVs should first check if it is possible to do so at your hotel. Alternatively, you can obtain a key to access the public chargers for the duration of your stay from Jersey Electricity's Customer Care Centre at The Powerhouse, Queen's Road. A charge of £10 a month, or part thereof, is payable and a £50 deposit, refundable on return of the key, is required. Please call 505460 if you wish to reserve a key in advance of your trip. You can download or view a map of the charging locations below.

How far can I travel on one charge?

EVs such as the Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn, and Renault's ZOE, typically provide a range of around 90-125 miles.

However, range will be affected by driving style, speed, heating temperature and air-conditioning use, all of which can deplete the battery more quickly. Understanding the factors will enable you to optimise range and all EVs are equipped with technology to help you do this.

Regenerative braking 'tops up' the battery when the brakes are applied. This is similar to the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) in Formula One and can increase vehicle range by as much as 20%.

How much electricity do EVs use and what does it cost?

Jersey Electricity recommends that all EV owners switch to our Economy 7 Tariff.

This provides seven hours of discounted electricity during the off-peak nightime period, usually between midnight and 7am, so charging your EV overnight makes electric driving very economical.

How long will a battery last?

Nissan expects the Leaf to have 70 to 80% capacity left after ten years. But how you recharge the pack will affect its life. Frequent and regular fast charging, which enables an 80% charge in 30 minutes, will reduce its overall capacity to 70% over 10 years.

Battery packs with short, medium or long range, priced accordingly, may become the norm. Renault have already decided to lease battery packs on this basis, dramatically reducing the price of the cars which no longer includes the battery cost. Other manufacturers are likely to follow suit.