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Hot water

Heating your water by electricity as part of a central heating system or on its own via an immersion heater or electric boiler is efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and available to all Island homes.

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Water heated by a boiler

Use your existing electric central heating boiler to efficiently heat your hot water cylinder.

Advantages of electric hot water

  • Easy to service and maintain because they have very few moving parts.
  • They don't need a flue, so you don't have any worries about finding an outside wall.
  • Even compared to most gas boiler systems, electric versions are small and neat.
  • They don't produce any fumes or combustion gasses like carbon monoxide.

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Water heated by immersion

Water heating by electricity is usually done by an immersion heater mounted in the top of the hot water cylinder. The heater contains an insulated electric resistance heater and a temperature sensor. Domestic immersion heaters (usually rated at 3 kilowatts in the UK) run on the normal domestic electricity supply.

Advantages of water heated by immersion

  • Switch your gas or oil fired boiler off and use your immersion in the summer
  • Heat delivered directly into the hot water cylinder
  • Ideal for low cost off peak tariffs

Available Tariffs

All the above tariffs are suitable for providing hot water. Call our Customer Care Team to find out which tariff suits your application.

Water heated by a point-of-use water heaters

For buildings with intermittent or occasional hot water use, point-of-use water heaters may be the solution as they deliver smaller amounts of hot water when needed. They work in a similar way to an electric shower.

Advantages of point of use water heaters

  • Located at the point of use
  • Ideal  or hand washing

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Summer hot water

Make the simple switch to low cost summer hot water by turning off your gas or oil fired boiler and using your immersion heater instead.

Advantages of

  • No installation costs as many heating systems have an immersion heater as a hot water back up
  • Low cost, off peak hot water
  • Heat delivered directly into the hot water cylinder

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