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This guide is an introduction to the renewable system options in Jersey. If you are planning to install renewable systems, you can find out more in our frequently asked questions and guide to installing renewables at home.

This guide covers the following topics:

Solar Panel

About embedded generators

At Jersey Electricity, we refer to renewable technologies like solar PV and and turbines as embedded generators.

Embedded generators (EmGs) are connected to your electricity supply and provide electricity for onsite use. They also have the capability to export electricity back to the grid.

JE provides the remainder of the electricity demand to the site, including a backup service for when an EmG can't supply enough operational power.

Types of generator

Typical examples of EmGs that may qualify for our Buy Back Domestic tariff include:

  • Wind turbines
  • Photovoltaic (solar panels)
  • Combined heat and power systems (CHP)

Embedded generators must be:

  • Up to a facility size of 50kWp 3 Phase / 20kWp Single Phase
  • Approved by Jersey Electricity under Engineering Recommendations G83/2 or G59/3, depending on the rating of the generator
  • Connected in parallel to our network

Installations above 50kWp will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Typical kW peak refers to the maximum rating of the EmG.

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Buy Back

If you are generating your own sustainable electricity from renewable sources such as solar PV panels or wind turbine and produce more than your household needs, we'll buy surplus units that you export to our network under our Buy Back Domestic tariff.

To export surplus units to our network you will need to have a Buy Back meter installed.

We install Buy Back meters for free, but the installation of your wind or solar system must meet our guidelines.

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Installing embedded generators

To take the next step and plan your installation, read our guide to installing renewables at home.

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