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A low carbon island

Jersey's electricity is already nearly completely decarbonised. Around a third of electricity islanders use is from renewable hydropower and increasing amounts of local solar power.

Compared with oil or gas, electric heating is 10-12 times cleaner. Switching to electricity to heat your home and hot water is one of the biggest and easiest changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint and help create a more sustainable future.

A renewable future

We all like the idea of renewable energy, and we are bringing more renewable power to Jersey's energy mix via our imported hydropower and on-Island solar PV projects.

By switching to electric heating, you are readying your home for a renewable future - because you certainly can't run a gas or oil boiler with solar or hydropower!

A clear conscience on carbon

Energy is one of life's essentials. Today, with climate change threatening our lives, where that energy comes from is crucial. Compared to oil and gas, electricity will enable you to power your home with a clear conscience.


Discrete and desirable

You already have an electricity supply, although for larger properties this may need upgrading to handle the additional demand of electric heating.

Electric boilers come in all shapes and sizes. We can typically install them in place of your oil or gas boiler, and remove unsightly flues.

Oil customers can also get rid of their oil storage tank, freeing up useable space in the garden for an even greener world and adding value to the property.

Underfloor Heating

Solutions for any space

Although most customers switch from an oil or gas boiler to an electric equivalent, we have a range of electric options to suit any home.

An air source heat pump is our most technologically advanced solution, offering efficiencies of up to 500%. They can now be retrofitted to most central heating systems.

Alternatively, if you're renovating or have radiators or pipework reaching the end of their life, you could consider direct electric heating like smart panel heaters or underfloor cabling, which offer high reliability and 100% efficiency.

Ready to make the switch?

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