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Electric boilers explained

An electric boiler is the engine of your home, converting electricity into heat and pumping it around your home through radiators or underfloor pipework.

The Economy 20 Plus tariff is best suited to electric boilers, it is available 24/7 with 20 hours of lower rate electricity for your heating everyday.

Key benefits of electric boilers

100% efficient

Reduced carbon emissions

Quiet when running

Easy to control

No need to replace existing radiators

No fuel tank or flue required

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Electric boilers versus oil and gas

Unlike oil and gas, electric boilers are 100% efficient. They convert all the electricity they use into heat, with no heat lost up a chimney or flue.

Electric boilers are clean, easy to control, quiet to run and can help to significantly reduce your home's carbon footprint.

Systems that work best with electric boilers

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Wet underfloor heating

A discreet and efficient heating solution that distributes hot water through pipes laid underneath your flooring.

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Radiator systems

Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint by powering your radiators with an electric boiler or heat pump.

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Easy installations

Replacing an existing gas or oil-fired boiler with a highly efficient, economical electric option is easy.

Electric boilers suit all property types and will integrate with most types of existing radiator or underfloor heating systems. Plus, with no flue or storage tank, an electric boiler can be installed practically anywhere in your property.

Useful resources to download

EHC Electric Boiler Catalogue


ACV Electric Boiler Catalogue

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Efficient installations by JEBS

Choosing the right installer is just as important as choosing the right solution. JEBS are our trusted installers and you can count on them for your electric boiler installation.

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Smarter Living is the home of smart energy solutions. Pay us a visit to view our range of electric boilers and get expert advice from an Energy Advisors.

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