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Wet underfloor heating systems explained

Wet underfloor heating systems heat your home by distributing hot water through pipes laid underneath your flooring. For maximum efficiency and minimal emissions, power your underfloor heating with an electric boiler or air source heat pump.

Key benefits of wet underfloor heating systems

Evenly distributed heat

Frees up wall space

Easy to control

Compatible with all flooring types

Exceptional comfort

Family Underfloor Heating

Comfortable and convenient

Wet underfloor heating systems combine high efficiency with exceptional comfort levels, because they distribute heat evenly throughout your room. No radiators are needed which frees up valuable wall space.

Efficient and economical

Underfloor heating systems can be up to 25% more efficient than conventional radiators.

Their large surface area effectively turns the entire floor of any room into a giant radiator. This means you can reduce the flow temperature of the water compared to conventional radiators, using less energy while still maintaining room temperature.

Underfloor heating is the perfect partner for an air source heat pump, which can offer up to 500% efficiency!

Underfloor Heating Installation

Best installed in new builds and renovations

Wet underfloor heating systems are best suited to new builds and renovations, where the floor can be designed to hold the pipework and insulation. Once installed, the pipework is topped with a layer of screed, underlay, then the floor covering of your choice.

You can retrofit wet underfloor heating, but you may lose room height as the level of your existing floor will be raised.

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