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Cable underfloor heating explained

Cable underfloor heating turns your floor into a huge radiator. Specially designed cables heat up when a controlled electric current passes through them. The top layer of your floor then radiates that heat into the room until your desired temperature is met.

Family Underfloor Heating

Clean and comfortable

Cable underfloor heating is popular in modern homes as it offers a clean look and feel, with no wall space taken up by radiators. Warmth radiates evenly from the whole floor, creating a very comfortable feel - especially for your feet on cold mornings!

Key benefits of cable underfloor heating

100% efficient

No visible radiators

Warmth radiates evenly

Compatible with the Economy 20 Plus tariff

Control on your smartphone

100% efficient home heating

Cable underfloor heating is 100% efficient. This means every unit of electricity you pay for is converted into heat in your home. Although heat naturally rises, it is important to lay insulation below systems installed on the ground floor to minimise heat loss to the earth below.

When installed by your electrician as an Approved Heating System, electric underfloor cables can be connected to our Economy 20 Plus heating tariff, which provides 20 hours of cheaper electricity for your heating and hot water.

Heating Control Phone

Control your heating on your phone

You can set different times and temperatures for individual rooms to your exact requirements using a room controller, or via smartphone or tablet. If your schedule changes, you can control the system remotely to ensure you're not wasting electricity. This gives you ultimate flexibility and saves energy.

Best suited to new builds or renovations

Cable underfloor heating is compatible with the majority of floor types. As it's installed beneath the top layer of floor and insulated underneath, it's typically fitted as part of a new-build, refurbishment or on a room-by-room basis during redecoration.

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